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Couriers to Slovakia

From your door in the United Kingdom until the destination address in Slovakia, a courier company of your choice will handle the parcel. Remember, on our website, it is within your powers to decide which company is going to be working with you. We offer the best rates from various companies delivering from the UK to Slovakia and vice versa and can also provide assistance in making the decision for which company to choose.

Shipping to Slovakia can become a logistical and financial nightmare if you decide to do it on your own. From complex logistic solutions to a great deal of other things, this procedure can become very problematic if you do not have the right tools and experience. The best move you could make is handing it over to a reliable and trustworthy courier, which is by far, the finest option in order to avoid struggles and disappointments.

Parcelabc – we send it safe and fast. With our services you can be guaranteed that the deal you are getting is the best one available and that the courier company working with you is responsible and respectable. We would like to issue a reminder that many carrier companies and services have their own rules regarding what parcels they accept. Parcelabc recommends getting familiar with them to avoid future inconveniences. Of course we are always there to help you out!

After you finalize the payment procedure, a convenient collection time will be arranged for the courier to arrive and pick-up the package. The courier is going to issue a tracking number which will belong to your shipment bound for Slovakia. You can use this number on Parcelabc’s website to track your shipment wherever it is and whenever you wish. It’s called Live Tracking.

Parcelabc blends the availability of both local and global couriers to offer best postage rates in the market. With a broad range of options available with a few clicks of a button, you can be sure sure that you are getting the best postage deal by far.

Express deliveries to Slovakia.

  • Quicker
  • Simpler
  • Safer

Need a delivery to Slovakia fast?  Express deliveries to Slovakia is the thing you need. Express postage offers the same product – delivery, but just much much faster. Of course it costs a bit more, but your parcel will be delivered a lot faster. Your choice matters on Parcelabc, because you select the company and the service provider.

The range of available delivery options to Slovakia is plentiful. Our unique business model allows to have a parcel delivered while the customer can feel more in control. Because he or she has the final say in the way shipments are going to travel, our customers can feel more involved in the process and overall progress. Each person has different preferences and Parcelabc embraces that by allowing the customer to choose the shipping method to Slovakia whether it is the quickest one or the cheapest one.

Depending on the courier service’s terms you have agreed on, the parcel will arrive at the recipient’s door accordingly. The terms are visible on the quote.

You can also double-insure the package which you want to send to Slovakia. How to do it you ask? First of all, Parcelabc offers an optional service to insure your package. This, we heavily recommend doing if you are sending something precious or valuable in the parcel. The couriers take full responsibility to deliver the package to Slovakia without harming or damaging the packaging or the contents. This works as a double layer of protection from both Parcelabc and the company handling the delivery.

Why does Parcelabc have the cheapest rates for shipping from the UK to Slovakia? The answer is quite simple. Our business connections let us find the best methods for postage which might be unavailable for smaller companies or single individuals. This simply means that if you are sending something to Slovakia and /or the United Kingdom we can offer better rates than our competitors. The services Parcelabc provides with regards to shipping to Slovakia are also oriented towards the customer, giving them the ability to decide which not many other companies can offer.

As mentioned before, costs of the courier services are determined based on the distance the parcel has to travel and a lot of other factors. All of the courier companies delivering to Slovakia have individual price calculators, but you can see the prices of all company’s services on our website after you fill in the quote.